Friday, October 18, 2019

Marketing campaign by Easyjet Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Marketing campaign by Easyjet - Assignment Example Marketing campaign by EasyJet The British airline, EasyJet Airline Company Limited with headquarters at London Luton Airport. It is the largest airline of United Kingdom in terms of numbers of passengers it carries and in terms of its operation in scheduled services domestically and internationally on over 600 routes in around more than 30 countries. Its parent company is EasyJet plc which is listed in London Stock Exchange. It is a component of FTSE 250 Index. EasyJet made a combination of integrated marketing communication strategy to gain competitive advantage over its rivals in the marketing for low cost aviation. EasyJet Airline Company Limited is a successful and great example of European airline. It has made successful e-marketing campaigns. EasyJet launches its website as The web bookings grew from zero to 26 percent of business within a year. Over the period, EasyJet became the first airline making more sales on internet than through normal television reserv ations. It recorded regular online bookings of around 80 percent which is the highest proportion of online sales for any airline in the world. EasyJet became a paperless company holding powerful electronic infrastructure which resulted in low administration costs, more responsive decision making and better management information. EasyJet uses sponsored links when a user uses search engine to research a flight to prompt them directly to visit the EasyJet site by clicking to it. It also send email newsletter to customers to encourage them to click through website for generating sales. It sells flights online to both business travellers and consumers. Customers also get themselves served on through review of frequently... A contribution to the profitability of business is always the ultimate aim of e-commerce. Leading companies, to access it, set an internet contribution target to achieve certain proportion of sales via the channel. When EasyJet launched its e-commerce facility in 1998, it sets an internet contribution target of 30 percent by 2000. To achieve this, they put the resources and communication plan in place and their target was reached by 1999. Assessing business contribution becomes difficult to a company who is not selling its products online. The role of internet to influence purchase should be judged. Contributions of service from e-channels are required to be assessed. The market share should be increased by EasyJet through serving its services to all the government agencies and offices and also focussing on customers who want the services at low prices. For serving the services to customers at low prices company should take some serious steps and should manage the flow of customers o nline rather than the traditional desk system. Elimination of middlemen will not require EasyJet to pay any commission to any travel agencies and agents and this strategy help the EasyJet to reduce its costs and also to serve its customers in a better manner.

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